Virtue in Yard Waste

Have you ever stood at the refrigerator, its shelves crammed full of opaque containers, squishy plastic bags, and mysterious-looking half-filled jars?  If your fridge is anything like mine, the melange includes covered bowls housing cuddly particles of biology and other flora and funghi.

Did you ever wonder why you waited so long to toss that last bite of frankfurter or cup of dressed green salad?  Why not simpy throw it out from the beginning?  I have an answer to that.  Guilt.  It is wasteful to throw away perfectly edible food,  but once it turns moldy and furry, you’re not only expected to throw it out, but now you are being virtuous cleaning and organizing your refrigerator.  Whereas you could have felt guilty and bad for throwing the edible stuff in the garbage after dinner.  Instead you waited a few weeks and feel good, clean, and wholesome.

Here in Seattle they’ve helped us out by developing an all-inclusive waste-managment system for all things organic.  We can throw virtually anything that ever breathed into the yard waste containers.  Not only can we toss that salad with impunity, but the frankfurter as well. It all goes to the yard waste place where they grind it up and mix it into compost for our gardens.  Does that mean my tomatoes and carrots are no longer considered purely vegetarian fare?

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