Do You Have ADHD?

Oftentimes you can’t keep your mind focused on a conversation or a simple task,  yet other times you are so engaged and attentive you don’t hear dogs barking outside your window.  You often forget words, names, or where you parked your car.  You get lost easily and are often running late.  Maybe you blurt out your thoughts or push the Send button too fast.  You’ll start paying your bills and while searching  your desk for a receipt, end up cleaning the whole drawer.  While cleaning the drawer you notice you’re out of paper clips and start a shopping list.  Before long, you’ve got your coat on and are on your way to the store.  Meanwhile the bills remain where you left them-unpaid!

If you can relate to what I describe, you may have a diagnosis of ADHD.  You  also know in your heart that you have untapped potential, if only you could get a grip on yourself.  You want to complete those projects, write your book, go back to school, travel to Tahiti, climb Mt. Everest!  You know it’s in you to be president of your organization, leave an incredible legacy, take your marriage to the stars.  You have things to do, places to see, people to meet.  Your life is waiting for you.

Welcome to Life Focus Coaching.  I’m glad you’re here.


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