What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching examines these and other questions that are prevalent in many people’s lives.

  • The world is on overload. How do we personally unburden ourselves?
  • We are living longer than ever. How can we create vital,thriving lives for ourselves?
  • Our families and friends are scattered around the globe. How do we create community?

A life coach helps you find your own answer. Life Coaching is a powerful alliance created in an atmosphere of safety and trust, where the focus is on your life and how you are living it. Life coaching provides clarity about what you most value and supports you in redesigning your life in alignment with those values.

As your life coach, I walk with you at your pace and listen not only to your words, but to what lives in your heart. My belief is that everything you need to live a great life resides within you already. My job is to shed light on the possibilities and empower you to make courageous choices.

As your life coach I support your choices by providing structure, tools, humor, intelligence and resources designed to keep you moving toward the life you imagined – only better.

“Always aim for achievement and forget about success.” – Helen Hayes

Have you had the same unfulfilled dream or goal for ten or more years? Dreams such as…

  • the book you want to write
  • the invention you’re wanting to patent
  • the business you hope to start
  • the studio you want to build
  • the college degree you always wanted
  • the fitness you want to achieve
  • a conversation you mean to have

Life Coaching can help you define your dream or goal, help you look at what’s stopping you from realizing it, and create a plan to navigate those obstacles. Life Coaching can help you enjoy the process of moving in the direction of your ideals and celebrate the wins along the way.

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