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Definining “Purpose”

There is the grand purpose that answers the question “Why am I here?”  The answer is what gets you out of bed in the morning.  It’s what motivates you to take care of the string of little things because the big one is on the other end. Your Grand Purpose is the Star upon which you train your eye and your body  follows. You may or may not be able to identify your Grand Purpose, but it’s there.  It’s always there.  You get a sense of it even when you can’t define what “it” is.  Grand Purpose goes by other names like “calling,” “life’s work,” “mission.”  What they all have in common is the scale of meaning.  It encompasses the whole of your life even when you are not focused on it.  Indeed, even when you are unaware it exists.

Then there is your ever-changing mini purpose,”What should I be doing right now?”  … Am I doing it?

Living By Your Own Rules: A Personal Vision Statement

I have always been intrigued by rules and laws.  There are basic and natural laws like  night follows day;  living things need nourishment to survive ; human beings eventually die.  Over the millenia our societies have evolved in ways that used  natural laws, enabling humanity to survive and evolve.  Understanding and adhering to the law gives structure to how we build our homes, grow our food, and live together.

Our religious texts are a form of law.  They provide guidance to people and cultures for how to live.  These laws, in tandem with natural laws, provide perspective, interpretation, and boundaries for how to live meaningfully and responsibly with people.  This is also true of governing laws, treaties, constitutions, by-laws, tax laws, and rules on the playground.  In their simplest form and without judging their individual inherent worth, we need the relative confinement of rules in order to truly be free.

In the present-day chaos surrounding us, we often feel out of control, lost, disconnected, and overwhelmed.  We can find a great deal of guidance and comfort in the Bible, the Koran, the Torah or other religious text.  As a Unitarian Universalist I find comfort and guidance in the  UU principles.  We find solace in prayer, meditation, ritual, and the performance of good deeds.  These are all part of our culture and available to us for guidance and support in this wild world.

Yet even with the abundance of spiritual and religious wisdom and authority, I believe we each have  guiding principles and vision for living- our own unique code we adhere to as we move through our lives into the waiting arms of our inevitable death. That code lives inside each one of us.  We’re born with it.  Some might call it God or soul or spirit or conscience or… Whatever you call it-  or don’t- it’s yours.

Part of my work as a life coach is to help people become acquainted with their own code.  Some call the code guiding principles, vision statements, purpose, mission, or artist statement.  Some people choose not to capture their code in words, while others find pleasure in the exercise.  I find it a great source of comfort and direction  to  have written my code down in simple words that make sense to my brain and also feel true somewhere beyond my brain’s reach. The words help guide my life, my work, my relationships and my eventual legacy.  I fall far short of the code I seek to live by.  Yet having written it down serves as my map and reminds me who I am.

Labyrinth of the Heart


Viveca Monahan,

Professional Certified Coach

I am an activist for the heart,

Playfully irreverent, loving sacred space

Grounded by realities.

Soaring with possibilities.

My purpose is to live a courageous life,

Boldly provoking humanity toward

Ever-expanding mind, heart, conscience

And Committed action

Mission:  I will spend the rest of my life calling forth the greatness in people.  And in the process will inspire abundance of unimagined magnitude, empowering me to carry out my purpose with the grandest force my being can spark

I support my mission by:

Taking exquisite care of my mind, body and spirit;

Fully trusting my intuition;

Being ever-vigilant with my promises, boundaries

And highest values;

Fostering peace, order and connection in daily life.

My vision for the world is

That all people are living in peace and dying with dignity.

My life’s work is to provide safe and inspired guidance

For people to discover their greatness,

Empowering them to honor their true calling

Whatever that may be.

I support my work by:

Staying aligned with my purpose, mission and values;

Being steeped in meaningful training and learning;

Surrounding myself with mentors, friends and other


Being vigilant with my own examination and accountability