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When We Had Time

I believe the tragedy of our modern culture is how little time we have to amble and hang out with our neighbors, our families, our friends, and ourselves. The tragedy becomes more apparent as each passing year seems to race by faster than the one before. I wouldn’t even mind it if I understood what was so important that we were too busy to chat with our next door neighbor.

Grandma Mary lived across the street for 50 years and was living there when we moved in.  Grandma never hurried.  She woke up in the morning, made a cup of coffee, and watched a little morning network TV.  When my children were little they would call Grandma over every morning for coffee.  She would amble on over.

Then later in the afternoon we would put on the kettle once more and Grandma would be summoned, which she always accepted.  We had time then.  I had time to drive Grandma Mary to her doctor and she had time to take me to lunch.  I had time to take walks because Grandma Mary, at age 85 had time to romp with my small children.  And then she had time for yet another cup of coffee down at Minnie’s on the corner.

Minnie had time to bake cookies and make coffee.  Neighbors had time to walk over and sit around gossiping, sipping, chewing and just plain being neighborly.

As my kids got bigger, they got to run across the street and bring Grandma for coffee.  When they got bigger still they could walk all the way to the corner and have cookies with Minnie and Mary and Chuck and Laura and the Dotties .and Jerry and Margaret, Sonny and Marion; and Bill and Grace.  Virtually every one of these dear people passed away before my children became teenagers.  But the memory of people who had time for them is very much alive.

excerpts from Viv’s Journal 12/2/05

Parenting Challenging Teens

Resources for Families with Challenging Teenagers

Changes Parent Support Network , Seattle, Washington

This is a structured, self-help program for parents with destructive, out-of-control or violent children. This program focuses on the parents, not the child.Supported by a large group of parent-peers, all of whom have “been there,” most of whom are still “there,” you can safely look at your situation, free of the judgments many parents have experienced from our culture. This organization has helped thousands of parents in the Puget Sound through support groups, outreach and educational resources. Even if you do not live in the area,  this is a model program.  1-888-468-2620

Books for Parents of Teens

Parenting Teens with Love and Logic,Foster Cline, MD and Jim Fay

Parenting with Love and Logic (preadolescent),Foster Cline, MD and Jim Fay

Emotional Blackmail, Susan Forward

Adult Kids Who Won’t Grow Up, Dr. Larry Stockman and Cynthia Graves

An Owners Guide to Parenting Teenagers,P. Baxter and C. Naff

Raising Children You Can Live With,J. Raser

The Co-Dependent Parent,B.Becnel

Co-Dependent No More,Melody Beattie