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Tending Your Cash Garden:

The goal of Cash Garden Coaching — People are clear about their finances.  Formerly anxious, fuzzy, confused, overwhelmed people find clarity and peace in matters of their money.

My clients are women and men of all ages, most of whom have ADD or something like it. They are confused about their finances and don’t know what they have or how to find out.  They are worried about their future. Many are self-employed working from home, although some hold full-time jobs.

My clients are kind, creative, authentic and generally optimistic people.  They have fallen on hard times or maybe the truth has finally caught up with them. They’re ready to take charge, face themselves, face their inner  Trolls, and move on.

My clients can expect to receive a lot of value from me.  I provide tools you can use every day, and resources to help you through the hard times.  I keep in touch regularly and honor my agreements with you.  My intention is to help you acquire what you need in order to stay focused and connected.  My fees are reasonable to begin with.  And I am always willing to have an open and honest conversation about money.  If we are not working together, it isn’t because you can’t afford to pay.

I offer a way for my clients to see their progress- visually, kinesthetically and audibly. When we create the goal, we set up major signposts along the way – benchmarks that measure progress. We co-create ways to celebrate.

I am sensitive to my client’s individual and personal needs, which is why I do not have a pre-packaged program for you and your financial well-being.  We spend the time we need to discover what you want to accomplish.  I help you create a major goal and the steps toward reaching it.  This is very concrete.  You have sought coaching because you lack clarity.  You will begin to feel clear and in control from our very first session.

The most important part of our process is honoring our agreements.  I will encourage you to keep your agreements with me, with others, and with yourself.  I will do my best to model this in my own life and in relationship with you.

I offer a 90-minute financial coaching session for $145, either in person or on the telephone.