Bach Flower Remedies

There are times when we feel overcome by negative thoughts and emotions.  This causes turmoil within us and in our surroundings.  The Bach Flower Remedies are a tool to help instill balance and harmony in a natural way.  I use them as one of many ways to help establish peace, order and connection in daily life.

Bach Flower Remedies are a simple and complete set of 38 flower remedies meant to establish a balance in one’s body, mind and spirit. The remedies are prepared from non-poisonous wild flowers and represent a full spectrum of human emotion.  They are benign in their action and are not habit-forming. They can be taken by people of all ages with absolute impunity.

In my work as a life coach I offer Bach Flower Remedy consultations during times when a client is stuck in some way and is open to temporarily working with a technique that shifts focus from thinking, planning, and taking action, to one where their feelings take center stage and they can simply express, without censor, what their feelings are.  I will listen for underlying negative thoughts and recommend certain Bach Flower remedies to them.  I do not “prescribe” or advise. I offer my reasons for recommending each essence. My client decides for herself if what I say resonates. We discuss each recommendation, of which there could be any where from 4-7 at one time.  Those that resonate with the person, go into the remedy bottle.  Those that don’t resonate stay out . This is congruent with coaching, for you are the best expert about what is right and best for you.

About Bach Flower Remedies:

Bach Flower Remedies were discovered in the early 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach, a London physician, surgeon, homeopath and bacteriologist who believed that disease and sickness could be  traced back to negative feelings and thoughts. Dr Bach believed that the body, mind and spirit were interconnected and that when they were out of balance, illness could occur.  To Dr. Bach, each negative emotion had a corresponding positive one, which he termed “virtues”.  The goal was not to eliminate the negative, but to “… flood our natures with the particular virtue we need, and wash out from us any fault which is causing harm.”

The Bach Flower Remedies are used in over 60 countries as a complement to other forms of health treatment.  They have become part of a whole healing spectrum and not as an alternative to any other treatment. As such no claim is ever made that the Bach Flower Remedies treat or cure any physical ailments.  As a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner   (BRFP) I have a deep respect for these boundaries.

I offer individual Bach flower consultations from my office in West Seattle. The fee for a one-hour consultation is $75 and includes one personalized remedy bottle, a booklet briefly describing each of the 38 remedies, and one e-mail follow up.  Additional consultations within a 3-month period are $65.  Contact me. Please identify in your message that you are interested in a Bach Flower consultation.

Be Well,


Viveca Monahan, BFRP

To read  more about Dr Bach and the Remedies you can visit the web site of the Bach Centre at

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